When a piece of work is commissioned the following will act as a guideline to the process:

1. Contact Scott to arrange a meeting to discuss the project.
2. At the meeting the project will be discussed. A non-refundable design fee of $100 – $400 may be required at this point. This depends on the scope of the job.
3. After the concept drawings have been completed a meeting will be arranged for approval of the project. Once approval has been given a deposit is required in the range of 30% to 50%. Drawings will not be released until a down payment has been received. A contract detailing the scope of work will be drawn up and signed by both parties. Samples will be provided if required and remain the property of Strong Arm Forge.
4. As work progresses you will be kept informed of updated delivery times and photos will be sent if requested. During the production of your piece any changes may require a recalculation of the quoted price.
5. Upon production completion of your piece, delivery and or installation will take place as detailed in the contract as agreed. Depending on the scale of installation an additional draw on the contract price may be required at this point.
6. An invoice for the remaining price will be submitted and settled.
7. Copyright is retained on all designs.

Other arrangements may be agreed upon by mutual consent.